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How do I find the minimum wage based on the collective agreement?

When looking for the minimum wage applicable according to collective agreement, especially consider the following: Collective agreements are not concluded for types of work or occupations but for sectors of the economy.
These economic sectors are roughly equivalent to the industry sectors into which the Austrian Economic Chambers are divided.

Therefore, to look up the minimum wage based on the collective agreement, follow these steps:

  • Classify the specific work activity that the posted or hired out worker performs in Austria according to the economic sector (Sparte) into which the activity falls.
    Refer to the Economic Chamber’s Trade Organisation Code (Fachorganisationsordnung) as an aid in classifying the work activity according to economic sector.
  • Under Search on the website of the language in which you are searching, enter in the search form the name of the economic sector in the particular language. Please note the information on the Search page
  • Retrieve the collective agreement that you consider most closely matches the work activity.
  • Refer to the wage or salary  regulations (wage or salary scheme) in that collective agreement.

Additional help

PLEASE NOTE: The brief overviews of minimum wages and salaries provide only initial information on the framework within which the specific minimum wage level is to be determined.
The minimum wage or salary in the specific case derives only from the collective agreement.