Posting of workers platform

Aside from minimum pay, do any other provisions under labour law apply to the posting and hiring-out of workers to Austria?

Specific provisions of Austrian labour law always need to be complied with when posting or hiring out workers to Austria – entirely regardless of how long workers are posted or hired out:

  • Provisions of the law and stipulations under collective agreements applying to working hours
  • Minimum annual paid leave
  • Safety and health at the workplace (occupational health and safety)
  • Reimbursement of travel, lodging and board expenses
  • Minimum standards of accommodation

Additional regulations apply when workers are posted for more than 12 months (“long-term posting”). In such cases, Austrian labour law applies in full where Austria’s provisions are more favourable to workers than those of the posting country.

The section of topics covering labour law provides information on the following questions:

  • What working hours must be observed?
  • Are workers entitled to annual leave?
  • What must be done to protect workers from health and safety risks?
  • For what specific travel, lodging and board expenses do posted workers have to be reimbursed?
  • What standards do accommodations for posted workers have to meet?
  • What is the minimum posting period to which Austrian labour law applies in full, and what does this entail?