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Occupational health and safety

The provisions of EU Directive 96/71/EC (Posting of Workers Directive), applicable EU-wide, require each Member State to ensure that their national laws regulating

  • health, safety and hygiene at work,
  • protection of mothers, and
  • protection of young employees

are also applied in cases where an undertaking has posted workers from another Member State.
In Austria the regulations aimed at providing protection in such cases are referred to as ‘occupational health and safety regulations’ (Arbeitnehmerschutzvorschriften).

Compliance with Austrian occupational health and safety regulations is therefore compulsory also when posting workers to Austria from another EU Member State or from third countries.

The statutes governing occupational health and safety serve to protect the life and health of employees at work. Humane working conditions and superior safety standards help avoid accidents and health risks at work as well as any ensuing expenses incurred.

Examples of subjects addressed by Austrian occupational health and safety regulations:

  • Use of hazardous machinery and tools
  • Handling hazardous agents such as toxic and flammable chemicals
  • Strain from work processes and other harmful effects such as noise
  • Equipment for preventing risks
  • Instructions for dealing with the special risks of a certain workplace
  • Medical examinations
  • Design of workplaces, working areas and sanitary facilities
  • Working conditions of young employees and pregnant women.

The Austrian Labour Inspectorate is mainly responsible for verifying compliance with occupational health and safety regulations in Austria.

Details of Austrian occupational health and safety regulations and about the Labour Inspectorate can be obtained at

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